GCH's SAN Health Check (SAN Audit) and Consultancy Services monitor and measure the effectiveness of Storage Area Network's performance and provide users with the ability to maximize their SAN investments and avoid outages and downtime.

SAN HEALTH CHECKGCH's SAN Health Check (SAN Audit) and Consultancy Services are based around industry leading monitoring and analysis tools. Deep layer SAN monitoring provides the SAN administrator with a real-time view of the complete transaction from server to storage and back again – a level no other SAN Management tool can match.
GCH SAN Consultancy Services provide manufacturer trained experts to diagnose SAN issues experienced by the customer such as increasing backup times or application slowdowns. Because GCH is independent from all Fibre Channel equipment vendors, a truly impartial assessment of SAN performance is provided. GCH SAN Consultancy Services support equipment from all SAN manufacturers to ensure optimum SAN performance.
GCH's SAN Health Check (SAN Audit) program allows users to monitor the performance of their SAN and make sure there are no outlying or hidden conditions that could lead to a disastrous SAN outage or brownouts in the near future.
The SAN Health Check service enables users to determine how to deliver faster response times to their corporate users without investing in expensive, unnecessary equipment.