Xgig 10GbE/FC/FCoE Analyzer

JDSU's Xgig Platform

JDSU's Xgig 10GbE and Fibre Channel Analyzer is a versatile, state-of-art solution for monitoring and analysing live traffic of different storage protocols, including 10G Fibre Channel, 10GbE, iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP and iWARP.

The Xgig 10Gb Analyser offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market. With its wide range of capabilities, including intelligent triggering, automated capture, and Xgig Expert analysis, troubleshooting time is reduced from hours to minutes.

The 10Gb support is available as a 2 port plug-in blade for the standard Xgig platform, an 8 port plug-in blade for the Xgig-5000 platform and is also supported on the Xgig 1000 4 or 8 port 16Gb solutions.

Industry's Most Advanced Capabilities:

• • • • Provides complete visibility into network behaviors with 100% capture at full line rate
• • • • Captures multiple traces with the industry’s largest trace memory buffers, up to 16 GB per blade
• • • • Analyzes live traffic of nearly 200 different storage protocols, all from a single platform
• • • • Eases troubleshooting with the industry’s most powerful trace and advanced monitoring capabilities
• • • • Hardware-based capture provides unparalleled timestamp resolution up to 5 ns
• • • • Minimizes analyzer's effect on signal integrity with flexible connection methods to simplify test setup and guarantee accuracy

In addition to Xgig's standard capabilities, the 10 Gb/s FCoE Analyzer:

• • • • Provides up-to-date protocol-aware analysis for all IP storage protocols (FCoE, FCIP, ISCSI, etc) including the latest FCoE protocol.
• • • • Combines multi-protocol support with cross-protocol correlation to identify unique errors and conditions
• • • • Provides protocol-aware Expert support for accelerated debugging and troubleshooting
• • • • Simplifies test setup and provides more accurate analysis through flexible support for both optical and copper connections
• • • • Ensures interoperability and standards compliance through strong industry cooperation

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