SAN Audit Benefits

Some additonal SAN Audit Benefits can be found below:


- Diagnose complex SAN problems such as timeouts, data corruption, and lost data
- Diagnose buffer credit shortages on a fabric port
- Diagnose acute problems due to code violations or faulty hardware


- Proactive performance tuning and capacity planning
- Proactively detect SCSI I/O slowdowns
- Proactively identify latency problems
- Proactively detect queue overflows on storage and servers


- Quickly identify problems
- Identify problematic SCSI device by ITL using the fibre-channel protocol
- Identify low-level problems
- Identify fibre-channel linkage problems
- Identify top 10 hosts/applications and see their performance
- Early detection of device degradation
- Detect application performance slowdowns
- Capture link and port performance statistics