GCH Test & Computer Services Ltd provides vendor independent SAN Health Checks for both enterprise and virtualised SAN environments. Our SAN Health Check services enhance the value of the business by optimising the SAN's performance.

GCH SAN Health Check services provide the following key attributes to enterprises:

- DIAGNOSE SAN failures quickly, detect performance degradation by relating metrics to specific events
- PREVENT SAN problems or their reoccurrence through expert analysis and trending
- ADVANCE the power of information by identifying and implementing SAN best practices based on in-depth traffic information

SAN Health Check Benefits:

  1. 100% visibility of link traffic
  2. Ensure SAN Performance meets agreed SLA targets as well as categorize the I/O traffic to an application to create and monitor SLAs
  3. Report Generation that can drill down to LUN level
  4. Prevent SAN problems or their reoccurrence through expert monitoring
  5. Benchmark SAN performance
  6. Baseline SAN performance prior to:
    1. installing new software/upgrades
    2. adding more switches/storage
    3. upgrading infrastructure

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