Xgig Expert

Xgig Expert

Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analysers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting. Expert automatically analyses captured trace data, efficiently sorting through millions of events to identify performance, upper layer protocol, and logical and physical layer issues including protocol violations, interoperability problems, performance issues, and erratic behaviours. By giving users deep visibility into the network at all levels, Expert is an essential tool for maximizing network performance and reliability:

• • • • Accurately diagnoses system issues
• • • • Quickly identifies errors and warnings
• • • • Tracks device activity across multiple analysers
• • • • Automatically maps network topologies
• • • • More quickly narrows down problem scenarios
• • • • Organizes results with detailed reports

JDSU recognizes the need for flexible and customizable reporting mechanisms that eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual analysis of trace buffers. To simplify this process, JDSU has introduced Report View, a table-based reporting tool which intelligently organizes the data collected by the Xgig Analysis and Test Platform so that developers can quickly identify, locate, and resolve network impairments. An integrated component within Expert, Report View brings unparalleled analysis, filtering, and comparison capabilities to developers at the touch of a button:

• • • • Quickly compiles system overviews and current levels of performance and health
• • • • Creates standard and custom reports
• • • • Accelerates troubleshooting with the industry's most powerful, automated comparison capabilities
• • • • Tracks port pairs from multiple analysers simultaneously
• • • • Manages troubleshooting complexity with advanced filtering capabilities
• • • • Easily navigates through extensive trace buffers
• • • • Exports reports in XML, HTML, or CSV for further offline analysis

Xgig Expert

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