Total Cost of Ownership for a SAN Monitoring SolutionThe cost of owning an vendor independent SAN Monitoring Solution can be very expensive and difficult to justify in the current economic climate. The purchase cost of some solutions can be thousands of pounds per port. That cost typically does not cover the software and hardware maintenance, the TAPs that are necessary for accessing the links, and any other necessary infrastructure (cabling, servers, etc) that the customer must have in order to support those independent monitoring solutions.

The Human Resources cost for maintaining and using those vendor independent solutions can be another issue for many organisations. A good understanding of the Fibre Channel Protocol as well as experience with multi-vendor SAN configurations, is considered essential in order to identify and troubleshoot issues in a complex Storage Area Network. Personnel with such experience is scarce or busy with other tasks/responsibilities.

GCH SAN Health Check & Consultancy Services is an affordable solution that eliminates the high ownership costs without any compromises. The cost of the SAN Health Check is usually covered from training or expenses budgets and having no effect on the Capital Equipment budgets that require approval from the CFO/Board.

GCH SAN Health Check & Consultancy Services include all the necessary equipment for your SAN's Health Check but most importantly it provides you with experienced engineers who will help you with your SAN's issues.

GCH Experienced Engineers will install the appropriate monitoring equipment and monitor your SAN as and when you need it. GCH engineers will provide you with professional reports about your SAN's Health, identify any problems or issues, as well as help you to proactively improve your SAN Performance.

GCH Experienced Engineers will:


- Diagnose complex SAN problems such as timeouts, data corruption, and lost data
- Diagnose buffer credit shortages on a fabric port
- Diagnose configuration issues
- Diagnose acute problems due to code violations or faulty hardware


- Proactive performance tuning and capacity planning
- Proactively detect SCSI I/O slowdowns
- Proactively identify latency problems
- Proactively detect queue overflows on storage and servers


- Quickly identify problems
- Identify problematic SCSI device by ITL using the fibre-channel protocol
- Identify low-level problems
- Identify fibre-channel link problems
- Identify top hosts/applications and see their performance
- Early detection of device degradation
- Detect application performance slowdowns
- Capture link and port performance statistics


Total Cost of Ownership