Traditional SAN Management Tools are software agents and are subject to inherent limitations.

From the initial development of the Fibre Channel Protocol, all HBA’s, Switches, Servers and Storage systems are designed to drop all errors and not to pass through corrupted frames. For example, if a switch were to pass corrupted data the SAN would very quickly develop serious, if not fatal, problems.

There is a wealth of information that can pass between devices consuming valuable bandwidth without being reported to any of the software management tools.

GCH Health check & Consultancy Services provide

100% visibility of monitored link traffic

Deployment of Xgig Analyser with it’s industry leading “Expert” software effortlessly lists (in order of severity) all Fibre Channel, iSCSI and FCIP errors and warning conditions found within a captured trace, thereby providing SAN managers an at-a-glance root cause analysis of their SAN infrastructure.

GCH deploys TAP’s (Traffic Access Points) to gain access to the links and then connect our monitoring or analysis hardware to the TAP to enable us to see all statistics in each end to end conversation.

TAPs are completely passive and once connected are totally transparent to the network.

Highly detailed reporting enables our consultants to advise on min/max/average time for Command to First Data (response times) and Exchange Completion Times.