Traffic Access Points

High Density Optical TAPs

While used by service organizations and IT professionals for years, fiber optic TAPs were not generally deployed with networks as their density was lower than the switching infrastructure they supported.

Modular High Density (HD) TAP provides 16 or 32 TAPs in a 1U rack mountable chassis. HD TAP densities allow networking professionals to include TAPs within their networks at deployment time, creating a permanent, fail-safe, and passive traffic access point to network traffic. With the TAPs installed, the network has connection points for protocol analyzers, network monitoring devices, and intrusion detection/prevention systems, without the need to stop the network.


• • • • Provides passive access to fiberoptic network traffic that will not cause a point of failure
• • • • Enables dynamic connection of analysis, monitoring, and security devices into networks
• • • • Minimizes space with 16 single (1x1)
• • • • TAPs in a 1U rack mount configuration
• • • • Does not add latency to network traffic
• • • • Shows all traffic, bit-for-bit, unlike Mirror or SPAN ports

Traffic Access Points