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To achieve true energy efficiency and real cost reductions in the data center, your enterprise management software needs to be integrated with your data center infrastructure and IT equipment. That integration requires standardized power information. It requires integrating with virtualization software and management software, asset management software and management databases.

Sentilla Centralized View of Energy


The Sentilla Energy Manager provides a complete suite of IT management software to control and understand energy usage and capacity. It is composed of three primary components: data collection and storage, a sophisticated analysis engine, and presentation and reporting tools. The Sentilla Energy Manager collects real-time energy data from all data center equipment regardless of vendor. This information is centralized to provide easy access and characterizes the state of the data center.


Everyone knows it is important to reduce costs and lower energy consumption. And data centers need to be extra vigilant in their cost cutting measures. At present, data centers consume 10-100 times more energy per square foot than the average office building. And what's more, data centers are quickly becoming the most expensive part of an organization's energy budget, upwards of 30-40%. In order to lower energy consumption in data centers, IT managers need more insight in to its actual energy use. What's needed is visibility and control to not only lower data center energy use, but to make decisions in the future based on the energy consumption of their computing environment today. But as important as it is to reduce energy, it needs to be done intelligently without disrupting operations or sacrificing service level agreements.

Sentilla Energy Manager

Sentilla® provides enterprise software for managing power use in the data center. Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers™, measures, tracks and analyzes the entire data center's energy profile, and makes recommendations that directly reduce energy use while improving per­formance. Sentilla offers an integrated approach for managing energy in the data center the same way an IT manager handles other capabilities like security or storage, by providing an end-to-end view across IT equipment that does the work and infrastructure that supports it. With a holistic view of energy as a key data center asset, IT managers are given control to intelligently reduce energy use, while decreasing op­erational costs and increasing IT equipment utilization.

Benefits of Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers